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Wraith "Rai" Ravin is a member of the Fourth House, Ravinswood Family. He began attending EastRidge Academy in (date) where he was a Thief Major and Cleric Minor. He soon became friends with Wisteria Ling and Averi Rystendale.


Early LifeEdit

Before his acceptance to EastRidge Academy, Rai studied at the Maeora Preparatory School where he took introductory courses in healing magical and non-magical ailments.

Education at EastRidgeEdit

First YearEdit

Rai began attending EastRidge at the age of 15.

Early on, Rai had difficulty navigating the Thief major; it's illusiveness and penchant for cryptography forced him to rely on Averi for information. However, Rai soon became comfortable in his own style of thieving which emphasized the lovable rogue role over the silent ninja role the rest of the major seemed to emply.

His earlier studies at Maeora Preparatory School gave him an advantage in his Cleric minor. His knowledge put him at odds with his lab partner, Wisteria Ling, who believed that the fact that she was a Cleric Major and was taking more Cleric classes made her a better Cleric than he. It soon became clear that they were near equals in the field and their constant bickering grew into an uneasy friendship.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rai has blue-gray eyes and brown hair. He has a slight build, which suits his major well.

Personality and traitsEdit

Rai embodies the lovable rogue. He's witty, charming, and is confident in his abilities. These characteristics, coupled with his dashing good looks allows him, for better or for worse, to capture the hearts of most girls he meets. While his natural charisma allows him to breeze through many of life's challenges, his desire to break the rules has landed him in a sticky situation or two.

He learned early in life the benefit of telling people what they want to hear and thus has mastered this ability. A lifetime of doing so, however, has left him guarded about his actual feelings and made him feel vulnerable whenever he tells the truth. His reluctance to talk about himself and his feelings has on occasion alienated friends who see the relationship as one-sided.



Rai is a member of the Fourth House, Ravinswood Family. This confers to him to noble of lesser rank.

Averi RystendaleEdit

Averi: "Maybe you're right, Rai."
Rai: "I'm always right. Didn't you know that?"
Averi: "With you reminding me every day, how could I forget?

Averi and Rai meet at the performance portion of the entrance interview. It is speculated by the student body that these two are romantically involved.

Wisteria LingEdit

Wisteria: "Of course, Rai Ravin, that was all an elaborate ploy to get you out of your clothes."
Rai: "You know all you had to do was ask."

Lab partners and friends.

Fell FarmingtonEdit

Patient and friend.

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