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EastRidge Academy: School for Adventurers is a fantasy novel by JLY, KMRicker, and KL.

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Eastridge Academy is where the realm’s finest train to become adventurers. The resourceful become Mages, learning combat casting and rune magic. The cunning and sneaky become Thieves, learning pick-pocketing and stealth. The studious and compassionate can be found in the Cleric major, and the strongest and bravest students attempt to earn a place in the brutal Warrior major. Being a first-year student at Eastridge is particularly difficult. As a new student, Princess Averi has dangerous combat classes to pass, the nobility to please, and on top of all that, her roommate is the menacing Wisteria Ling, the best combat caster of all the first-year students. Luckily, the two soon befriend Rai Ravin, a Thief major who might just be charming enough to talk his way out of anything. Along with Fell, a farm-boy attempting the Warrior major, these four will learn how to fight, how to use magic, and how to survive being an adventurer...

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